Partners & Alliances

Our close relationships.

LMP Management Consulting Ltd.

LMP Management Consultants Inc. an integral part of the management team for over 15 years – since 2005 and helps lead the management structure, re-alignment of organizations, and restructuring of many companies who need assistance.

Hitachi Solutions Canada

A strategic business partner helping clients transform their business models. One major factor and key principals is modernizing the platforms to meet Lines of Business needs. The alignment is so crucial to client success and IT Technology Stacks. mitech Consultants Inc. is excited about our partnership as we are learning and developing new practices for Microsoft BI, Dynamics 365 and AI/ML Platform development.

feteOps Inc.

A strategic business DevOps partner and client to help penetrate business clients and deliver transformative solutions together. mitech & FeteOps has been developing new practices – B2C, B2B and B4B Commerce Models + the DevOps Strategy.

LCA Imperial | Transforming your Business!

Brick and mortar businesses are changing their model fast! mitech Consultants Inc. expanded the technology portfolio to build a strategy with LCA  to help businesses change the concept from “physical inventory shelf position to be virtual shelf to doorstep, a new storefront, with better Marketing AD’s, Analytics, Marketing Strategies and Selling Models.

Transforming any business is our mode of operations for LCA with best practices and platforms to get started. Building a new application in the US and Canadian market place can be a competitive challenge. mitech Consultants Inc. is completing its first round of financing & product development and very excited to bring the solution to the market in 2021.